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Top 10 best things about playing high school football
July 18, 2016

Today, we begin our annual high school football preview for central Indiana teams.  Every weekday at 3:30p on CBS Sports 1430, we will talk to another high school football coach about the wonderful experience of playing football with classmates. The lessons of high school football will be shared, and the ever-increasing level of competition in […]

Indy’s Morning Sports List – Top 6 great reasons to play high school football
November 20, 2015

The reasons not to play high school football are widely discussed, and most have to do with the long-term brain health of participants.  CTE is a fact of life for many of those who receive repeated blows to the noodle, and the results are horrifying for those who suffer from it and their families. That’s […]

Three high school football players died this week – is playing the game worth the risk?
October 2, 2014

by Kent Sterling The benefits of playing high school football are many –  lifelong friendships, goal oriented activity, introduction to overcoming adversity, and understanding the concept of team-first behavior.  But when the downside can be death or significant injury including the early onset of dementia, the question of whether the benefits of playing high school […]