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Trayce Jackson-Davis lays down law for Hoosiers as he returns! No drugs! No more chances!
May 24, 2022

A quality college basketball program needs a leader, and Trayce Jackson-Davis stepped forward yesterday to accept that challenge for Indiana Basketball. “It’s different, it’s my last year, it’s my last time being at IU, and I don’t want anything of that nature ruining our season.  I mean, if you’re that selfish to (break rules requiring […]

Indiana should avoid portal players, and most players should avoid the portal! #iubb
March 29, 2022

The NCAA Transfer Portal for basketball players should be a remedy of last resort, but it has instead become a spring break destination more popular than South Padre Island. College is a great place for young adults to be introduced to manageable adversity, so that when real misfortune comes during adulthood they don’t wig out and […]