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Tonight Is Tenth Anniversary of Worst Night in Chicago Cubs History
October 14, 2013

by Kent Sterling No, it wasn’t the Bartman Game, the worst night in Chicago Cubs history was the night following Bartman’s infamous blunder, the night of the Game Seven loss to the Marlins; the night that hope died at Wrigley Field – finally and forever. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Dealing with a […]

MLB All-Star Game Ambivalence Is Easily Fixed – Just Add Cash
July 16, 2013

by Kent Sterling If players don’t care about who wins, fans are smart enough to not care themselves, and fans are caring less about Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game than ever. The five-year averages for TV ratings have dropped from 17.4 (1988-1992) to 14.0 (1993-1997) to 11.2 (1998-2002) to 8.8 (2003-2007) to 7.9 (2008-2012).  While it […]

Dan Dakich Says Pacers Are the Better Team in the Indiana vs. Miami Series
May 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Dan Dakich is one of my favorite sportsradio hosts because he says interesting things and is able to back them up with an impressive litany of reasons. The only national media person to say that the Pacers are the better team, you disagree with Dan at your own peril.  He’s not always […]