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Northwestern Football Lives “On the Waterfront” a Mile from Lake Michigan
April 9, 2014

by Kent Sterling Northwestern Football coach Pat Fitzgerald is never going to be portrayed on film by Lee J. Cobb, nor quarterback Trevor Siemian by Marlon Brando – and not just because both actors are dead. Fitzgerald would never threaten to kill Siemian, as Cobb did with Brando in “On the Waterfront,” but he did […]

NLRB Ruling that Northwestern Football Players Can Unionize Is Not a Big Deal – Yet
March 27, 2014

by Kent Sterling The knee-jerk reaction to the ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that Northwestern’s football players may vote to join a union that will have the authority to collectively bargain with the university for benefits is that it paves the way for all college athletes to be classified as employees. Not so […]