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Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts Photo Gallery – An Everyman Who Is Not
June 13, 2013

by Kent Sterling Okay, so this photo gallery has only two pictures, but that’s alright.  A picture is worth 1,000 words, so these two shots of Chicago Cubs head fan/owner are worth more than three times the words in this post. I’m tired of Ricketts act, and it is an act.  If he doesn’t want […]

Chicago Cubs – Tom Ricketts Proclaims Himself the #1 Cubs Fan
June 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling There have been times in the nearly four years he has owned and operated the Chicago Cubs that fans and media have questioned Tom Ricketts competence.  So many flaws are obvious in the onfield product that fans who filled Wrigley relentlessly for a decade are finally deciding to stay home. People said […]