Comments Regarding Sam Bradford Should Have Been Chosen More Judiciously

by Kent Sterling

UnknownA few weeks ago, I said something during a podcast that I regret.

For years, I have warned hosts to not indulge in a relaxed conversation into a live microphone, and finally I violated my own wisdom.

The comparison between Sam Bradford and Andrew Luck is intriguing.  Both were drafted #1 by teams who had hoped to find their leader for the next decade.  In Luck, the Colts have hit paydirt.  In Bradford, the Rams are still digging deeper and deeper hope that the mother lode is somewhere to be found.

I have watched both at workouts – to be honest despite spending two years in St. Louis with the Rams radio flagship, I have seen more of Luck at minicamps and summer camp.

Luck practices like a guy who wants to be a champion, and Bradford, in the times I have watched him, practiced like a guy.  In the community and media, Luck is incredibly gracious and welcoming.  Bradford, again in my experience, is comparatively aloof.

Different strokes for different folks.  That doesn’t make Bradford a bad guy, or even necessarily a bad quarterback.

My few times witnessing Bradford’s behavior to people close to the team – not a friendly guy.  Again – people are built differently.

Luck responds to every question like he cares that his answer matters to someone.

My belief is that the way people behave toward others speaks to their character, and character defines an ability to lead.

Not sure anyone could or would choose to argue with any of that, but when at the end of my comparison, which included a couple of anecdotes, I said, “He’s a turd of a guy,” I crossed a line.  It was not only impolitic, but represented a belief that was not as well researched as a declaration meant for public consumption should be.

I have never played with, played against, or even met Bradford.  My tactless conclusion about Bradford was the kind of thing a couple of guys might share over beers, and every once in awhile those conversations leak into a live microphone.

In Bradford’s vernacular, this was pick six.  The intent was to provide a unique perspective based upon watching both players closely – in and out of games.  Even if the read was correct, the delivery was ill-considered.

3 thoughts on “Comments Regarding Sam Bradford Should Have Been Chosen More Judiciously

  1. Josh

    This might be the most inaccurate untrue piece I’ve ever read. Sam Bradford the quarterback it’s unknown if he can be that elite game changing Quarterback. I have met Bradford and he is first one in the building and the first one out. He’s very passionate just because you don’t scream doesn’t mean your not a leader. Eli Manning and Joe Montana weren’t exactly screamers like Brady or Manning are. Last as i said i met Bradford he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Being the first one out of the building isn’t exactly a positive. I’m guessing you misspoke (or miswrote), and meant that he’s the first in and last out. Curious how you know that. Not disputing it, just not willing to accept your word.

      My opinion of Bradford is admittedly based upon limited access, and is meant more as a comparison of Bradford and Luck rather than an indictment of Luck.

      Not sure why my explanation for an indictment of Bradford grinded your gears.

      1. Josh

        Yes i miswrote. I meant he’s first one in the building and the last one out. He’s a extreamly passionate guy. I apologize I thought you were implying you thought Bradford was a hard worker and didn’t care. I know people that spend alot of time around him at rams park alot and like i said has spent alot of time around him. Is he Andrew Luck no Luck is a special Quarterback. As for on the football field idk if Sam Bradford will become a elite Quarterback. I do know he was on pace for 32 touchdowns, 4,000 yards, and was the 10th best rated passer when he went down.


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