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Ryan Phillips and Kent disagree about the need for a postgame handshake line in college basketball

Handshake line charade needs to go, but not because of John Calipari’s act last night

John Calipari left the floor last night without shaking hands. It’s a shame anyone believes the world would be better if he did.

Kentucky coach John Calipari has always been a self-immersed twit and a blight on college basketball, so please don’t misunderstand my thoughts on the stupidity of the postgame handshake ritual as a validation of his decision to blow it off last night.

Kentucky got beat, K-State celebrated, and Calipari left the floor without waiting to shake hands.  Not defending it, not chastising it – I don’t care about whether Calipari shook hands.  That he lost – again – is good enough for me.

The handshake line is an idiotic and worthless gesture executed by athletes and coaches who are doing what they have been told without any empathy, joy, or purpose.

It is done only to try to improve the optics for fans who are easily buffaloed into believing the handshakes convey sportsmanship.  They don’t. Continue reading

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