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Victor Oladipo will sit out Orlando season re-boot – if he isn’t 100%, he’s right to rehab

Like all athletes, the last thing Victor Oladipo wants is to re-live painful, exhausting, and endless rehab. Nothing wrong with that.

Vic will sit, and he is right to do it.

Instead of competing for the Indiana Pacers, guard Victor Oladipo will continue to focus of recovering from surgery to repair a torn right quad tendon.  That’s according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who spoke to Oladipo.

He’s making a decision that will benefit both his long term physical health and financial wealth.  After next season, unless Oladipo and the Pacers come to terms on an extension, he will become a free agent which will make him exceptionally wealthy.

Hell, it will make his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren wealthy.

But that wealth will come only if he’s healthy.  Without two legs capable of playing basketball at a high level, Oladipo is a good karaoke singer with a broad smile and sunny disposition.

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Risking hundreds of millions to indulge in eight regular season games and likely a single playoff series would be the irresponsible act of a lunatic.  Oladipo was always either going to be close to 100% or wait for 2020-2021 to prime the pump for free agency.

Fans will whine about Oladipo’s refusal to compete with his teammates, but they have never faced a choice like this.  They look at the $105,487,440 Oladipo will have earned during his eight NBA seasons at the end of next season, and ask how much he needs?  Under normal circumstances, they would be justified because players like Oladipo are paid to compete, but these are not normal circumstances.

We are in the midst of a strange period when all of us are adjusting our perspective as to what is important.  Covid-19 is an ever-present health concern, and it will continue to be that in Orlando four weeks from tomorrow when the Pacers resume the season against the Philadelphia 76ers.  Racial tensions are causing conversations and rallies that might forever change the pitch of racism in America.  Priorities have shifted, and no one has his feet firmly underneath him just yet.

There are rumors of Oladipo being misdiagnosed.  More rumors suggest he will ask for a trade or hopes to sign elsewhere as a free agent.  Whether there is a scintilla of truth in them, we have no idea right now.  Pacers fans remember all too well Paul George stating definitively that he wanted to stay in Indianapolis, so they are a little bit skittish about star players entering the last year of a contract.

Reports say Oladipo will travel with the team to Orlando, so clearly he still feels as though he is an integral part of the fabric of the team, so that’s a good sign for those trying to read the tea leaves.  The bad news is that the Pacers will not be able to replace him on the roster, but this was a potent team without Oladipo, so that’s not much of an issue.

Oladipo is a special person and player (when healthy).  Of course, Pacers fans want Oladipo to stay put and assume the position of generational fan favorite.  He earned his stripes an hour south in Bloomington as one of the most popular players of the Tom Crean era.  He fits here.  It works here.

Impossible to justify blaming Oladipo for opting out given his circumstances, and it’s equally difficult to blame fans for their jitters regarding Oladipo’s future.

These are strange times, and they just got a little stranger for the Indiana Pacers and their fans..

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Disgraced Iona basketball coach Rick Pitino turns dopey epidemiologist

Not sure how it happens, but some college basketball coaches seem to believe they know as much about societal issues as they do about basketball.  And they like to share that self-conferred wisdom.

Iona’s Rick Pitino falls into that large pile of self-immersed bloviates.

Yesterday, Pitino put on his epidemiologist cap and tweeted:

Nice of Pitino to weigh in.  It’s a shame he didn’t know as much about NCAA compliance within his program at Louisville as he believes he knows about spread levels and dangers of the Covid-19 virus.

You remember Pitino from Louisville, don’t you?  Hard to forget the book chronicling Katina Powell and her daughter among the hookers servicing Pitino’s players and recruits in a university dorm on the dime of his director of basketball ops.  He’s still facing NCAA charges related to an assistant coach playing drop man in front of the Galt House Hotel with a recruit’s dad.

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So now Pitino wants us to listen to his ridiculous bleating about pushing the season back to “buy some more time for a vaccine and to get things under control.”  Thanks, Rick.  I’m sure NCAA President Mark Emmert will take your generous guidance under advisement right after he penalizes you for your Level 2 violation at Louisville.

Covid-19 is a virus that requires respect, but no one knows what the next four months will bring.  Less that four months ago, college basketball was being played in front of full houses on campuses across America.  No one knows what this will look like on November 1 – not the smartest viral experts, and certainly not Pitino.

Vaccines are entering the third phase of trials and might be ready for deployment at some point in the fall.  A treatment might be found that will change Covid-19 from killer to less severe pain in the ass.  Maybe the worst happens, and the virus evolves into something even more sinister and deadly.  Who knows?

Certainly not Pitino.

Because of their position of authority over a team and in front of media, some coaches begin to believe deeply in the infallibility of their logic and intellect.  They spout ill-founded nonsense at every turn, as though their opinions matter.  In the absence of people asking them societal questions at press availabilities, as is the case for Pitino now toiling at Iona of the MAAC, they take to Twitter as their outlet for ignorance presented as genius.

The result is the proliferation of foolishness.  We can now add that to the ever-growing list of things we do not need from Rick Pitino.

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Either Boomer Esiason is wrong or some college football coaches are evil incarnate

If Boomer Esiason is right, college football is in a lot of trouble.

Clemson Football has 37 players who have tested positive for COVID-19 – roughly one-third of Dabo Swinney’s Tigers.  That’s a huge percentage if his program is paying attention to protocols for safety.

It’s easy to make an assumption or two, start connecting dots, and come up with an intriguing and (hopefully) ridiculous conspiracy theory about why Clemson’s infection rate has risen so alarmingly.  That kind of thinking makes for a good sports bar talking point.

Radio host and former ACC/NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason turned his show into a platform to discuss the strange idea of college football programs trying to create herd immunity through infecting players.

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“I have to be really careful here,” explained Esiason on national radio and TV.  “I don’t want to say that this is an accusation, (but) are they trying to herd immunity their teams?  So, these guys can get sick now, as opposed to during the college football season, if in fact there is one.  I’m telling you right now, I wouldn’t put it past any of those guys down there.”

The thought of purposefully creating an environment where student-athletes are exposed to a virus that has claimed more than 125,000 American lives is repugnant and horrifying, but Esiason sees it as possible if not likely.

What a terrifying indictment of college football and the men who coach it!

While it is true that COVID-19 is rarely fatal or the cause of longterm chaos in healthy men aged 18-23, but putting them at risk for contracting the virus now so they can create the antibodies that keep them immune during the upcoming season is insane.

If a coach has done such a thing, his athletic director needs to find out, dismiss him, and then the NCAA should ban him from coaching at an NCAA signatory for eternity for embracing a Third Reich level ends-justify-the-means philosophy.

That Esiason “wouldn’t put (attempting herd immunity through purposeful infection) past any of those guys down there,” means one of three things – Esiason took too many shots to the brain as a quarterback, he tried to create a hot-take segment out of whole cloth, or college coaches are so preoccupied with winning they would knowingly put the lives of their players at risk.

I hope Boomer was just trying to fill radio time.