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Breakfast with Kent – Silent treatment for PG; Colts fundamentally flawed; UNC answers fraud charge

When Paul George returns to Indy December 13th, silence should greet him

Paul George should be treated like any other OKC Thunder on December 13 because that is all he is.  Next year, Thunder fans can do the same when the Lakers come to town.

Paul George looked so forward to bolting Indianapolis that he let his destination be known when free agency allowed in the summer of 2018..

The Lakers are where he wants to play, and the Lakers have crept quite close to tampering in letting it be known they covet him.  It’s a marriage made in purple and gold mediocrity.

Bringing Pacers management into the circle of trust as George came to the determination that he would return home was classy.  Leaving the Pacers in the dark as they tried to woo him like a soon-to-be jilted husband begs his too-hot wife to try counseling would have been cruel.

The Pacers deserved the opportunity to get value back for their prized all-star.  When George’s camp leaked that he planned to sign with the Lakers, it contradicted his empathetic appearance and eviscerated the Pacers opportunity to command more than 60-cents on the dollar in return.

Nothing against Victor Oladipo and Domas Sabonis, but the Pacers would have gotten more if not for the George leak that he’s headed home to LA. Continue reading

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