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Former Louisville players frivolous lawsuit against NCAA will clank off the back of the rim

Katina Powell started the Louisville Basketball mess, and the baseless lawsuit filed by former players will likely end it.

The courts used in a basketball game and deciding the merits of a lawsuit are different in every way.

Former Louisville basketball players suing the NCAA to restore the university’s vacated 2013 Men’s Basketball Championship are about to learn that lesson.

On the basketball court, right and wrong is determined by a leather ball slicing through a net.  In a court of law, right and wrong have no standing – only the law matters.

Member schools allow the NCAA the authority to award and strip championships as it pleases, and they weren’t pleased that University of Louisville players, recruits, and their families were provided strippers/prostitutes for team parties funded by a member of the Louisville basketball staff.

The former players don’t believe the punishment fits the crime, and for players who didn’t attend the parties, they are right.  But the penalty is not against each individual player – it’s been assessed against the university. Continue reading

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