Indiana Football – Kevin Wilson Says Class Deep, Not Flashy

by Kent Sterling

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson sounds like a guy headed into his fourth season as a Big Ten football coach.  He was as pleased with his new players as a kid on Christmas morning with 26 new toys.

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Signing day is the one day of the season all coaches seem happy.  They see the great promise of the kids who have just pledged their through to spend four or five years working hard to help them succeed, and Wilson is obviously looking forward to working with the 26 players that signed on the line that is dotted this morning.

The short story is that what this class lacks in “splashy” players with impressive rankings, it makes up for with size and depth.

A defense with corners that have size,and replacing rangy receivers was a priority, as was size along both lines.

Indiana returns 18 starters, so most of the freshmen will have some time to develop.  The age of Indiana trying to force lineman not ready to play appears to be over, and that’s a good thing.

Evidence of Wilson’s pleasure in the quality of the class was his return to the room after the end of the press conference to share a funny recruiting story off the record.  That was a new level of relaxation for Wilson.

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