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Indiana Football goes all Indiana Football in Iowa City – which really ain’t that bad!
September 7, 2021

The recency bias that enticed Indiana fans to buy into the belief that their football program had turned a corner toward repeatable respectability was flawed – as is the case with most recency biases. The Hoosiers were outclassed, out-executed, and out-fought by Iowa Saturday afternoon in their season opening 34-6 debacle. Now, Indiana fans need to fight […]

Emoni Bates to skip senior year of high school to get rich quicker
August 6, 2021

The race for cash is claiming another high school student’s senior year as #1 2022 basketball prospect Emoni Bates is re-classing to 2021 so he might reach the NBA more quickly. There is a a troubling impatience for wealth and success that causes these decisions.  In some cases, it can be justified by family financial needs, […]

Indiana Football fans need to adjust expectations and gameday routine #iufb
June 25, 2021

Indiana fans are the Trappist Monks of college football, and their old habits die hard. Trappist Monks forego all measures of life’s enjoyable indulgences as they attempt to achieve enlightenment.  At some point, Trappists forget all about the delicacies they left behind.  They adapt to the new normal lacking all those things we covet that […]

Hope has come to Bloomington with Mike Woodson, and I can’t help but buy in!
May 18, 2021

Indiana Basketball fans are living in a dream world where everything is just the way it should be, and none of us wants to wake up. At least once a week there is great news about the direction of the program.  First, the firing of Archie Miller was celebrated because he was clearly a bad fit […]

Jerome Hunter is done at Indiana – another scholarship slot opens
May 13, 2021

Jerome Hunter is leaving Indiana’s Basketball program, but is not yet listed in the transfer portal. That generally means the player did not initiate the separation from his program.  Indiana made the announcement and included a quote from coach Mike Woodson, and that usually does not happen when the player opts out either. It’s been […]

2021 Colts Draft grade hinges on Odeyingbo’s ability to heal and disrupt
May 3, 2021

Some years, the NFL Draft cooperates for a team, and other years it doesn’t.  For the Indianapolis Colts, the 2021 NFL Draft appears to be the latter. It’s three years too soon to cast judgment on Colts general manager Chris Ballard and his staff for their weekend’s worknselecting seven players in the 2021 Draft, but we […]

Indiana Basketball – Joey Brunk leaving the basketball program
April 13, 2021

Joey Brunk is leaving the Indiana University basketball program. Brunk has had a strange college basketball career, not at all what was projected as he graduated from Southport High School, south of Indianapolis.  It began at Butler where he played and studied for his first three seasons and continued at IU for the last two […]

Colts path to the perfect offseason – needs, solutions, and opportunities!
March 1, 2021

The Indianapolis Colts have holes to plug this offseason.  Carson Wentz was wrangled from the Philadelphia Eagles without ponying up a first rounder in 2021, so the Colts still have plenty of assets to utilize as they try to put together the perfect offseason and build a championship roster. Here are the Colts needs: Left […]