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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred a slap hitter when it comes to punishing Astros
January 14, 2020

The Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series by stealing opposing catchers’ signs to pitchers with electronic surveillance. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wants to stop cheating, so he took a swing at getting tough.  Weak ground ball the other way. The first rule of correcting behavior is to make the cost of the punishment outweigh the […]

Cheating Astros need to be hammered hard by MLB or what’s the point of having rules
November 13, 2019

The Houston Astros have been accused of cheating by stealing signs electronically during their 2017 championship season by pitcher Mike Fiers and three others who were with the team, according to a post by Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich in The Athletic. Stealing signs has been a part of baseball for time immemorial as players studied […]

Can’t unsee nude #Cubs SS Javy Baez in ESPN’s Body Gallery
September 4, 2019

Seeing Cubs shortstop Javy Baez naked is not something I ever wanted.  ESPN made him hard to miss in its latest Body Gallery. It’s as though ESPN wants to penalize guys for looking at a few athletic women who are naked.  A few years ago, they put an unclothed 75-year old pro golfer Gary Player […]

Exhaustively researched rankings of every Chicago Cubs manager from 1-to-60
August 16, 2019

60 – Vedie Himsl (10-21) – Himsl led the Cubs during three unsuccessful stints as the leader of the College of Coaches in 1961.  What made him the worst of those guys who were forced to operate in an idiotic experiment?  Nothing, but he’s the best known of the bunch because his name is fun […]

Cubs send Addison Russell to Iowa because talent without discipline will always fail
July 25, 2019

People who make bad decisions – or exhibit a lack of behavioral control – in one area will likely make them in others. Such is the case with Cubs second baseman Addison Russell, who was accused in social media posts by his ex-wife of general idiocy that included physical abuse and emotional terror.  Russell was suspended […]

Easily wooed Paul George more valuable when traded than playing
July 6, 2019

When Paul George showed himself to be a potential all-star for the Indiana Pacers, he started showing and receiving all kinds of postgame love with opposing all-stars.  He was like the high school kid who coveted popularity and suddenly got some. It was sad to watch George genuflect to LeBron James as though a touch from his […]