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Battle 4 Atlantis was cancelled, not relocated to Sioux Falls, SD, as was cruelly reported
September 29, 2020

Two weeks ago, terror gripped the college basketball programs at Creighton, Duke, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Utah, West Virginia, Wichita State and Memphis. Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports reported the Battle 4 Atlantis was being cruelly shifted from the idyllic resort in The Bahamas to the tundra of South Dakota.  I relayed that information as I […]

Purdue bounces 13 student-athletes, and I love it!
September 29, 2020

My Man Mitch! Stupidity must have a consequence, or it will be repeated.  Purdue president Mitch Daniels clearly believes in that axiom.  Because he does, 13 student-athletes were suspended from the university yesterday. THAT’S education! When Daniels enacted the Protect Purdue Pledge, he meant business.  Violate its terms, and the result is adios, goodbye, and don’t […]

Victims of Heat stroke, Pacers path to immediate improvement hard to see
August 25, 2020

Now what? The Indiana Pacers were routed by the Miami Heat in their four games of postseason futility.  A sweep is what their level of effort deserved, so yesterday’s 99-87 loss was delivered as expected. There are several pieces of good news, and some good news/bad news issues depending upon your perspective for the Pacers as […]

Our greed, judgment, indifference, and misery are senseless and have to stop now!
August 7, 2020

“About 50% get really cranky,” answered the Sam’s Club security guard tasked with reminding shoppers a mask is required attire for entrance. I had forgotten my mask, and when she reminded me, I thanked her.  When I returned, I asked what percentage of people are upset when she reminds them. Whatever your belief is about […]

Sportstalk hosts do society a huge solid when they stick to sports
July 8, 2020

Some people do not deal well with stress.  Given recent events, that seems to be the mantra of 2020. Covid-19 changed our lives in ways we never anticipated.  Some gravitate toward the worst possible news of the Covid spread, and others embrace great news, whether it exists or not. Because of the effect of Covid, financial […]

Khristian Lander reports to Bloomington and it’s silly that I know it and care
July 6, 2020

A kid who should be headed back to Evansville Reitz High School for his senior year reports to Indiana University’s campus, will begin workouts with the basketball team, and it is news. It’s more than a little creepy that a fanbase is so totally engaged in the comings and goings of a college hoops program […]

NFL imposes silly and ineffective penalty against the cheating Patriots
June 29, 2020

Clearly, the New England Patriots have not learned their lesson.  Another scandal has led to another penalty that validates the risks they routinely take to gain an unfair advantage. This time the Patriots sent a video crew to Cleveland last December 8th to record the sidelines work of the Bengals a week ahead of their game in Cincinnati. […]