As Expected, Marvin Clark Chooses Michigan State and Tom Izzo

by Kent Sterling

Marvin Clark talks about his fascinating and challenging youth in the documentary "I Am Marvin Clark".

Marvin Clark talks about his fascinating and challenging youth in the documentary “I Am Marvin Clark”.

It’s hard to turn down Tom Izzo.  He’s a coach that obviously builds strong bonds with players, and succeeds on the court as few others have.

If Michigan State can win two more games in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament, every single four-year player for Izzo will have played in at least one Final Four, and the Spartans graduation rate is quite good compared to its Big Ten brethren.

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So Marvin Clark’s commitment to Izzo over his other finalists – Indiana, Kansas State, and Seton Hall – is no great surprise.  Add the earlier commitment of high school teammate Lourawls Nairn from the Sunrise Christian Academy, and the deal was all but assured once Michigan State offered the 6’7″, 225 lbs. thick shouldered forward.

Clark is a three-star recruit on Rivals and unrated by ESPN, who would be mostly under the radar if not for a very cool 20-minute documentary about the adversity he has faced in his life.  Marvin’s dad died of a heart attack when he was very young, and his mom became involved with an abusive drug dealer.  The family became homeless, and Marvin bounced from school to school until he landed at Sunrise.

The documentary shows a great kid who fans would be proud to see land at their school for many reasons beyond basketball.  Whether he will be a great player in the Big Ten remains to be seen.

The loss for the finalists is more about humanity than basketball, and that isn’t meant to make fans feel better.  It should be the first and foremost concern for any entity.

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Indiana, Kansas State, and Seton Hall will find other players to build their programs, but the documentary shows the kind of person college athletics should be all about.

3 thoughts on “As Expected, Marvin Clark Chooses Michigan State and Tom Izzo

  1. Bert Beiswanger

    Izzo/MSU and Donovan/Florida are so similar, to me – among the very best programs out there. They recruit with the best, deliver results and build bonds with players. I don’t blame any kid for not turning down these two.

  2. Matterhorn

    Face it IU fans the program is in serious trouble, I mean serious trouble. Why would Austin Etherington leave if he thought IU had a good chance to do something this year, I mean Crean started him several games this year so it isn’t like he wasn’t getting playing time. Luke Fisher leaves KNOWING he would be the only big man on team next year. I say this cause I’m sure the players knew Noah was going to transfer. What the hell??? Homesick???? Really-and Marquettes coach just took another job. Any thoughts Kent???

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Here are a couple of thoughts – Vonleh didn’t transfer, he declared for the draft. Not sure why Fischer being homesick is tough to swallow, or what Buzz Williams going to Virginia Tech has to do with Fischer, Crean, or Indiana.

      Not sure why it’s hard to believe that Fischer wanted to be closer to home or that Etherington wants to play alongside his brother after earning his degree.


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