Florida teacher turns tables on bullies – with the University of Tennessee’s help

This is the shirt an elementary student proudly wore until he was mocked by a group of girls.

So an elementary school student in Florida participated in “College Colors Day” at his school by wearing a plain orange shirt with a piece of paper pinned to it with a hand drawn “UT”.

Some girls teased the kid at lunch, reducing him to tears.  His teacher, Laura Snyder, tried to find a Facebook connection with ties to the University of Tennessee, and then the story got really good.

The post went viral, and the University of Tennessee responded by sending a box full of swag to the school for the boy and his entire class.

I want one of these shirts Tennessee is selling.

That was a good start, and then Tennessee raised the ante.  The school is selling UT shirts with the boy’s hand drawn logo on its webstie.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit STOMP Out Bullying.

Demand caused the school’s website to crash.

Bullies suck.  Why some kids want to make others feel like crap is beyond me.  Adults should lift each other too and set an example for kids.  When kids are bullied, adults who find a way to turn the tables can do magical things, as Mrs. Snyder did here.

Love that this little guy is now a celebrity among his peers, and the girls hopefully understand their behavior was straight up mean.

Need more stories like this.

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