Bruiser Flint heads to the darkside – flees Bloomington to join Calipari at Kentucky

If you would work for this man, I want nothing to do with you. Bruiser – get out of Indiana!

I hope Bruiser Flint’s muffler falls off as he drives from Bloomington to Lexington.

Bruiser Flint is turning his back on Indiana’s basketball program to embrace the dark side of college basketball at the University of Kentucky, where he will reportedly replace Kenny Payne, who is leaving UK to become an assistant with the New York Knicks, and I don’t like it!

And now, I also do not like Flint!

It’s not that Flint is repulsive as a guy or coach, and it isn’t that he is a GREAT assistant whose unique gifts will be missed.  I don’t know that he is – or would be.  There are plenty of assistants out there who do great work developing players and helping head coaches build a program.  I’m sure Archie Miller has a short list of guys he can tab to replace Flint.  He might hire an upgrade.

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My revulsion stems from Flint’s destination not his departure.  Either he is going to Lexington because of cash – or because he feels a position on Calipari’s staff is somehow an upgrade over his position at IU.  Either way, he is choosing evil over goodness.  He is choosing the devil’s underbelly over God’s country.

If Flint left for Kansas, UCLA, or Louisville, I wouldn’t care much.  Bon voyage, Bruiser!  Hope you get to live your dreams wherever you are headed!

But this is Kentucky, and I do not like Kentucky, so now I have no choice but to dislike Flint – a guy who has always been very cordial in our few interactions.

That’s the way it goes in college basketball as in life.  The friend of my enemy becomes my enemy,  Flint has revealed himself to be a mercenary willing to work for a program that has long disgraced college basketball with its rule flouting arrogance.  So it’s good riddance instead of good luck to Bruiser.

Don’t let the door hit you on the backside as you leave Cook Hall.

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