Indiana Basketball – Odds each IU player in portal returns! Colts LOVE Wentz! Oladipo has head cold – will miss Pacers game?!

3 thoughts on “Indiana Basketball – Odds each IU player in portal returns! Colts LOVE Wentz! Oladipo has head cold – will miss Pacers game?!

  1. Paul

    Good vid Kent. I generally agree with your assessment of the odds for the IU portal players. I do have to address your comments about parents speaking to the media. Not that I agree or disagree, but just that you sound hypocritical when you call out Geronimo’s mom but don’t seem to have any problem with Franklin’s. Why is that? Point is, you needed a little more nuance there to avoid seeming to talk out of both sides of your mouth. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

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