Big 10 Turnaround! Indiana gets it done – again – will play Saturday against, well, who cares!

Roommates and Teammates Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson share a nice moment as it became clear Indiana would win a second Big 10 Tourney game for the first time since 2003.

In a most unexpected turn, Indiana will play again tomorrow in the world’s worst sporting event.

The Big 10 Tournament is a wonderful celebration of basketball for 13 of the programs belonging to college hoops best conference.  For Indiana University Basketball and its fans, this annual mess is ridiculous and miserable.

This is the 25th year the Big 10 has hosted this gala, and the Hoosiers have never won it.  They have played in the finals just once – back in 2001.

But today, IU vanquished the top seeded Fighting Illini in a 65-63 thriller, and so the Hoosiers will play for a third time on this traditionally short weekend for the first time since 2003.  Today’s win comes on the heels of yesterday’s incredible 74-69 comeback win over Michigan.  IU trailed by 17 with less than 12 minutes remaining in that game.  Thank God college games are 40 minutes long, right?

That is how close the Hoosiers were to avoiding the NCAA Tourney for a sixth consecutive year.  But Trayce Jackson-Davis and Xavier Johnson refused to allow that to happen.  They defended, made shots, and out-hustled both Michigan and Illinois.

So Indiana, for the first time in a long time is getting good at the right time!  Been 20 years since that happened too!

One thought on “Big 10 Turnaround! Indiana gets it done – again – will play Saturday against, well, who cares!

  1. Bear

    Congratulations, IU, great game. I guess anytime you get beat by a lucky fling from 40 feet, you really actually win. IU’s Defense was great. TJD continued to grow some gonads. However, we could have stood a little more offense from Number 25. Number 0 was stellar again despite some late turnovers. You know, you never excel without taking chances, some of those chances work and some don’t. However, most of what Number 0 does works, and I love it. (Kent, you still owe Number 0 an apology for your earlier ignorant comments.)

    You know, I will take an Iowa loss knowing that Jordan Bohannon will never defeat IU again with his swill-dog 40 footers. Rejoice, IU Nation, Jordan is gone, gone forever. Moreover, Iowa’s remaining 2022 season will be short as Purdue and some other NCAA 10 Seed will send them back to Iowa City with their swill-dog tails tucked neatly between their numerous “tuckuses”. Someday, those 35-foot bombs from Murray won’t connect. If they don’t, Iowa is left with nothing.

    What will happen with IU, I don’t know, and I don’t care. I only hope that Woodson can improve IU’s inside-out game. I am not sure that Kopp or Stewart will get the job done. Scratch that, Kopp and Stewart won’t get the job done. Time for some changes.


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