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Bad sports parents – 10 sure fire signs you might be one!
December 23, 2020

These identifiers of crazy sports parenting are not meant to mock, but help those who might have a tough time with self-appraisal.  I’ve known great sports parents and terrible sports parents.  I’ve displayed some of the traits below, so there is no judging here.  All I want is for sports parents to evolve toward being […]

Best part of youth basketball comes when a team is all grown up
September 23, 2019

Youth basketball is not broken.  It’s alive, well and thriving. Team USA finished seventh in the World Cup earlier this month, and coaches and fans point to youth basketball as one of the primary reasons for that failure.  Oh sure, the point of kids playing basketball is to win championships. Tens of thousands of boys […]

Focusing entirely on basketball has costs, but is necessary – and the rewards are great
July 16, 2019 posted an interesting two-part series last week focusing on the harm caused by young athletes focusing entirely on basketball.  It was well-researched, interesting, and probably scared the hell out of a lot of parents whose kids dream of playing college basketball and maybe even the NBA. One thing it failed to mention is that […]

Bad sports parents getting worse – screwing up a very good thing
June 28, 2019

When I was a kid playing any sport with a ball and scoreboard, parents used games and practices as a babysitter.  They napped, partied, played golf, relaxed, or whatever the hell else they felt like doing when kids weren’t bouncing off the walls in their homes and neighborhoods. At my high school soccer games, most […]