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A-Rod – or A-Rat – Should Watch “Goodfellas” as a Primer for Behavior
August 17, 2013

 by Kent Sterling “Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.”  Jimmy Conway It’s hard to take seriously the relentless denials from Alex Rodriguez.  If you believe Rodriguez, he not only hasn’t juiced since 2003, he’s never taken a strike, pissed in the woods, or made an illegal u-turn.  The latest denial […]

Hailing Bud Selig as the Guy Who Ended the PED Scandal Is Ludicrous
August 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling National media folks who line up to kiss Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig’s ring for his work to solve the PED problem in baseball are nauseatingly wrong. The steroid age never went anywhere.  Players still juice, just with different stuff than before.  The consequences for doping still fail to deter those who feel […]

Matthew Stafford Extension with Lions – Pray for Owner William Clay Ford’s Sanity
July 10, 2013

by Kent Sterling Signing a thoroughly mediocre quarterback who won my team four games last season to a three-year contract extension worth a guaranteed $41.5 million would cause a psychotic break from which I would never recover, and if it didn’t, my wife would cause enough blunt force trauma to my noggin that I would […]