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Sorry Colts fans – Andrew Luck’s spot in the Ring of Honor is secure
October 21, 2020

Want to make a Colts fan mad?  Suggest Andrew Luck belongs in the franchise’s Ring of Honor. Fans don’t like that Luck retired at age 29, just 15 days prior to the regular season opener.  They don’t like that he was paid millions by the Colts after retiring.  They don’t like that his best season was […]

Does Gronk’s return mean Colts QB Andrew Luck will follow suit?
April 22, 2020

Rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement to play with Tom Brady again in Tampa, so media and fans reflexively wonder about whether former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck might follow suit to return to the Colts.. He will not, and I’ll tell you why – he is a smart guy. Luck has a Stanford brain, and […]