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Indiana Basketball – why do IU fans torture themselves by continuing to watch?
March 10, 2021

Why do I watch every Indiana game from start to finish? Indiana fans are among the most ardent in college basketball.  After a monotonous and historic run of mediocre basketball, Hoosiers still block out two-plus hours of their lives to watch.  No matter the opponent, stakes, or apparent level of futility, we still show up wearing red […]

Indiana Basketball hits new low in abysmal 22 minute stretch against Rutgers #iubb
February 25, 2021

Indiana was outscored 57-22 during roughly the middle half of last night’s 74-63 loss to Rutgers.  That stretch of putrid basketball may have doomed IU to its fifth straight season without an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. Facing a test that would either put Indiana inside the bubble for the NCAA Tournament or exclude them […]