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Colts offseason strategy needs to solve short and long-term quarterback needs!
February 2, 2021

The Colts quarterback dilemma doesn’t require general manager Chris Ballard choose between longterm vision and short term results. The question of whether the Colts should choose a quarterback to build around for 10-15 years or someone with whom they can win now is not necessary.  They need to think bigger, and I’m sure Ballard is. The Colts can […]

Andrew Luck comments by Colts owner Jim Irsay were generous, foolish, or both!
January 28, 2021

Rock and roll icon Ian Hunter sang, “I said my, my, my, I’m once bitten twice, shy babe.” Colts owner Jim Irsay loves music, so I’m trying to hit him where he lives because he said something about Andrew Luck yesterday in his media availability which was both generous and silly, “He knows how much […]