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Indiana Pacers Odds of Winning the NBA Draft Lottery – 0.0%
May 17, 2011

by Kent Sterling It’s been awhile since fans of the Indiana Pacers didn’t watch the NBA Draft Lottery with keen interest, but tonight will be the night that the Pacers don’t fly team president Larry Bird to New York for the unveiling of the order for the first 14 picks of the June 28 draft. […]

Indiana Pacers – Larry Bird Stays Put; Morway Too
May 10, 2011

by Kent Sterling The Bird/Simon summit has ended and the status quo has been deemed good enough moving forward for the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers announced this afternoon that Larry Bird will return as the president of basketball operations, but no contract extension was announced.  David Morway will be back as well in the general […]

Indiana Pacers – Bird/Simon Summit Should Make for Great Entertainment
May 10, 2011

by Kent Sterling Indiana Pacers president Larry Legend will duke it out today with owner/mall magnate Herb Simon near Los Angeles to chart the course of Indiana’s favorite NBA franchise.  It’s not exactly Ali/Frazier, but this will do. Simon, who was furious at the performance Larry gave in the season postmortem press conference, will try […]