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Indiana Pacers – Selfie from Roy Hibbert Shows Cramped Airplane Bathroom
August 23, 2013

by Kent Sterling I always wondered what it would be like for him if his digestive system called.  I’m a foot shorter and 75 pounds lighter than Greg, and it’s a tight squeeze in the lavatory. Click Here to follow Kent on Twitter We had a flight to Fayetteville, Arkansas, on a little plane where […]

Six Reasons Early Commitments Like James Blackmon’s Should Stop
August 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling A person’s word is his bond, but there is no way for a 14 year-old to have the vaguest clue what he is promising when he commits to attend a university and play basketball. There are those who will say that coaches can’t have any idea what kind of player an eighth […]

Memphis Grizzlies Point Guard Mike Conley Is Same Player He Was at Lawrence North HS
May 16, 2013

by Kent Sterling There is a story that has been repeated so many times around Indianapolis that everyone assumes it’s true.  Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley is working out alongside good friend and teammate Greg Oden early one morning in a Lawrence North High School gym.  Indiana coach Mike Davis is watching Oden, and […]