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Firing of Tom Thibodeau and Indy media members calls process of termination into question
May 29, 2015

by Kent Sterling Coaches and media members get fired with frighteningly similar frequency in today’s world, and this week I heard discussions about the methodology of both in private conversations. Tom Thibodeau was canned as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls yesterday, and there was rampant criticism of the Bulls security staff following Thibs […]

Indianapolis sports media – sane perspective from reasonable people sets Indy apart
May 6, 2015

by Kent Sterling In most cities, columnists and radio hosts routinely monitor each other to see what plot of intellectual territory goes unclaimed, and they plant their flag there.  If one guy says the local NFL team had a great draft, another will say it was atrocious. Journalism isn’t a matter of honest and heartfelt […]

Indy Star Sports Moving in the Right Direction with ‘Pat McAfee Show’
July 12, 2013

by Kent Sterling “It’s all about content, dumbasses,” is what I shout on a daily basis to people in the media.  The delivery system is entirely beside the point.  Unique content is everything. I’m sure there were and are people at the Indianapolis Star who are wondering what the hell a bunch of ink stained […]

Indianapolis Star Sports Shake-up Continues; Michael Pointer Interim Pacers Beater
July 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling The rumors about a significant recalibration of assets at the Indianapolis Star’s sports department have come to pass with Mike Wells sliding over to the Indianapolis Colts beat, Mike Chappell continuing to cover the Colts, Terry Hutchens moved from the IU beat, David Woods moved from the Butler beat, and now Michael […]

Here’s How kentsterling.com Works, and What We Write About
June 23, 2013

by Kent Sterling I wrote a post Friday about some rumored recalibrations of the staff in the sports department of the Indianapolis Star, and as a result people there have asked about the journalistic ethics of reporting rumors, so I thought it appropriate to write about what this website does, how it operates, and what […]

Rumors of Shake-up Swirling at Indianapolis Star Sports Department
June 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star came on the Grady & Big Joe Show today, and told them that he will be sliding from the Pacers beat to the Colts beat.  Mike Chappell will remain with the Star, and will also continue to cover the Colts. Other changes are expected, with rumors […]