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Super Bowl 50’s top 10 strange, iconic, and disappointing moments
February 8, 2016

Super Bowls are always defined by those images that are seared into our memories.  Whether it’s Jackie Smith dropping a perfectly thrown touchdown pass by Roger Staubach in Super Bowl XIII, William ‘the Refrigerator’ Perry scoring a touchdown in Super Bowl XX, John Elway’s whirlybird after a scramble in Super Bowl XXXII, or the halftime […]

Masters Sunday – Verne Lundquist Is the Master of the 16th Hole
April 14, 2013

by Kent Sterling For all of Jim Nantz’s “Hello friends” saccharine blather, and his rehearsed and pseudo-poetic commentary, the broadcaster who is most associated with the Masters is veteran Verne Lundquist. His “Yes SIR!” after Jack Nicklaus’ birdie putt on 17 during his miracle 30 on the back nine of his final Masters win in […]

2013 NCAA Tournament – Louisville Gets Trophy; How to Make 2014 Better
April 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling Last night, Louisville did what they do.  They won by finding a way to make a couple of two-minute stretches break the backs of their opponent.  Luke Hancock knocked down shots, and Michigan didn’t have enough second half answers to get over the hump that got bigger with every possession. As with […]

NCAA Championship Game Start Time Is a Disgrace
April 5, 2010

by Kent Sterling 9:21p!  9:21 at night.  That’s when the final between Duke and Butler will start!  All the college basketball fans 14-and-under have bedtimes earlier (or should) than this game will start.  With the protracted halftime (maybe they will salute Dick Enberg for another 15-seconds) and extended time-outs, this game will almost certainly creep […]