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Top 10 reasons to like move hiring Nate McMillan as Indiana Pacers coach
May 17, 2016

The reason I go to press conferences is to learn something I can’t when reading a transcript, and yesterday I learned something about Larry Bird’s decision to replace Frank Vogel with Nate McMillan. Vogel is no longer the coach of the Pacers because in Bird’s opinion players were not held accountable for their behavior during practice. I’m […]

Top 10 candidates to replace Frank Vogel as the Indiana Pacers coach
May 6, 2016

With Frank Vogel out, the Pacers are looking for a new coach. Pacers president Larry Bird has been insistent that his team push the ball, shoot threes, and score more points.  Vogel didn’t get that done to Bird’s satisfaction, so the search is on for someone who will. Few other hints were offered yesterday as […]

Top 10 takeaways from Larry Bird’s announcement Frank Vogel will be replaced
May 5, 2016

Frank Vogel will not be the coach of the Indiana Pacers moving forward.  He hasn’t been fired because Vogel’s contract expired at the end of the playoff series with the Toronto Raptors. The debate that began in earnest as Pacers president Larry Bird shared his thoughts on Vogel with the Indianapolis Star’s Gregg Doyel will now […]