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Disgraced Iona basketball coach Rick Pitino turns dopey epidemiologist
July 2, 2020

Not sure how it happens, but some college basketball coaches seem to believe they know as much about societal issues as they do about basketball.  And they like to share that self-conferred wisdom. Iona’s Rick Pitino falls into that large pile of self-immersed bloviates. Yesterday, Pitino put on his epidemiologist cap and tweeted: Suggestion to the […]

Louisville did the wrong thing for the right reasons, and it continues to pay
May 5, 2020

Cheating in college basketball recruiting is abhorrent because it elevates the result of the game over what should truly matter – the lessons that basketball instills in players and reinforces in fans. It’s not that winning isn’t important, but the magic of the game is the tug of war that exists between the selfish and selfless.  Players […]

5 problems in college basketball that aren’t really problems at all
November 11, 2017

Smart college basketball experts like Jay Bilas and Fran Fraschilla have recently written treatises about how to cure college basketball.  The unfortunate truth that renders their well-intentioned thoughts unnecessary is that it isn’t sick. Rick Pitino’s ouster at Louisville, indictments against assistant coaches, shoplifting in China, and academic fraud at North Carolina have coaches piously posturing and […]