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While NBA, NFL, and MLS prepare to ball, Major League Baseball continues to bicker
June 10, 2020

Baseball is wearing me out through its apparent indifference to fans, but I likely won’t feel a lot better about it when they finally start playing. The MLB Players Association made a counter offer yesterday to the owners counter offer, and so it will go until finally commissioner Rob Manfred orders players back for a 48 […]

If Tom Brady had been Richard Nixon, he would have burned the tapes
July 29, 2015

by Kent Sterling Cheaters are always compared to our nation’s 37th president who resigned in disgrace after cheating throughout the 1972 presidential election process that resulted in his re-election. At first, Richard Nixon consistently denied that cheating occurred, and later that he had any knowledge of whatever cheating had been done.  Alexander Butterfield dropped the […]

New England Patriots and Robert Kraft need to man up and accept their punishment
May 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling Reports on ESPN.com suggest that the NFL and New England Patriots are involved in back channel discussions to resolve issues with Deflategate penalties.  If Roger Goodell has any authority at all over the NFL, the solution is easy for the Patriots – take your medicine or pack a lunch. Either the NFL […]

Adrian Peterson picked the wrong time to beat his son – which is always
November 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling Discipline is an interesting concept.  Many see it as the introduction of fear serving as a consequence for a bad act.  Others see it as the dynamic of holding ourselves accountable for our own behavior. Some just get pissed off and hit kids with sticks. Adrian Peterson hit his four year-old son […]

NFL Implosion – Despite awful performance, Roger Goodell’s job is safe
September 20, 2014

by Kent Sterling Only one thing could cause significant erosion of support among NFL owners for Roger Goodell to remain in his role as commissioner of the NFL, and that is an attack on their wallets. Goodell could have twerked and farted at the podium during yesterday’s ineffective press conference, and still the owners would […]