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Emmis Communications Building Celebrates 15th Anniversary – My Nine Favorite Memories
December 18, 2013

by Kent Sterling The Emmis Building opened 15 years ago today, and there have been a lot of great moments on and off air that have made that an incredibly cool place to work since that day in 1998 when the difficult-to-produce-under-the-best-of-circumstances WIBC Radiothon was the first broadcast from the showcase studio. Click here to […]

Conversation with Mark Boyle Prompts Reflection About Radio Management
September 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Indiana Pacers radio play-by-play Mark Boyle is a fascinating guy.  Every conversation involves questions and commentary that are unfiltered.  Talking to him requires focus because if he asks a question, he is genuinely curious about the response.  There are a lot of people who ask questions to be polite, and then check […]

Chicago Cubs GM Hendry Backs Piniella – Failure to Continue
June 17, 2010

by Kent Sterling “I have no intention of firing Lou Piniella.  Lou and I have a great relationship. Lou has done a lot of good things here. We’re just going through a tough snag. It’s the middle of June. I still feel comfortable we’re capable of getting back in it. “We’ve never talked about his […]