Coach Rick Venturi explains why Tim Tebow can’t start at quarterback in the NFL

by Kent Sterling

UnknownWhen I have a question about the NFL, I call Rick Venturi, one of the best and smartest defensive coaches in NFL history.  Rick is able to remove all emotion from his analysis from one of the most polarizing figures in today’s NFL.

People either love Tebow or are mystified by that love.  When he was cut last week by the Jets, I wrote my thoughts that NFL teams cannot sign him for a wide variety of reasons – including the love that many feel for him.  There were some angry comments, so I decided to go to one of the most respected defensive coordinators in NFL history for answers as to why he remains unemployed.

Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, expressed doubt about signing him yesterday, so it was a good time to visit with Coach Venturi.

Coach and I sat down for lunch at Wolfie’s at Morse Reservoir today for a patty melt and a chat.  Glad I brought my camera.

One thought on “Coach Rick Venturi explains why Tim Tebow can’t start at quarterback in the NFL

  1. Pauly Balst

    Patty melts? Are you serious? Had you gone to Chick Fil A you’d realize that 84% of NFL GM’s KNOW Tebow has a 63% completion rating 51% of the time on 4th and 5. 72% of us realize this. Tebow won at Florida, same reason Chris Leak is an NFL starter today. Yeesh. How dare he give an opinion, he’s just another Tebow hater.


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