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Indianapolis Colts – Right where they want to be after Saturday’s non-win
August 18, 2014

by Kent Sterling The first 49 minutes of the Indianapolis Colts loss to the New York Giants Saturday night were about as good as anyone during the preseason has a right to hope for. The last 11 minutes were just that bad. Leading 26-0 after the starters had long since toweled off and become spectators, […]

Indiana Pacers – Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz and coaching great Rick Venturi talk about decision to sign Lance Stephenson
May 31, 2014

by Kent Sterling The insights of both Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz and former NFL defensive guru Rick Venturi are well-informed and processed through great deliberation, and they disagree completely about whether the Indiana Pacers should retain mercurial guard Lance Stephenson. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter In athletics, there has always been […]

NFL Draft – Coach Rick Venturi talks Colts and Rams Draft options
May 3, 2014

by Kent Sterling From longtime NFL coach Rick Venturi you get unique and informed insight.  The NFL Draft is five days away, and understanding how the needs of the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams might dovetail with the best players available meant a quick call to Rick. With all the claptrap being spouted this […]