Herb Simon, Alison Melangton, and Rick Venturi on 1070 the Fan’s “Ahead of the Curve” Saturday from 11a-1p

by Kent Sterling

UnknownEach week, we try to find a way to top the previous week’s efforts to entertain and inform sports fans, and again this week we have done it.

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“Ahead of the Curve” will air tomorrow morning on 1070 the Fan and 107.5 FM in central Indiana, and on 1070thefan.com everywhere at 11, regardless of the weather.  I make no concessions to the weather.  My life goes on unabated regardless of the conditions.  That’s what happens when you spend time working in news/talk radio.  The product that informs people about the effects of a storm must be manned, so taking time off because of a little snow just isn’t an option.  Plus, I really enjoy doing the show, so if I need to leave home a little early as an accommodation to those incapable of driving in the snow, that’s a small price to pay.

As for co-host and Fox 59 sports director Chris Hagan, he’ll be there too.  No way he can stay away from me for two consecutive weeks.

For sheer firepower, the guest roster for “Ahead of the Curve” is borderline magical.  Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon will talk about his team’s efforts to serve the community, and the challenge of being patient as team president Larry Bird executed his plan to fill the roster with guys who fit the profile of championship players on and off the court.

Allison Melangton is the president of the Indiana Sports Corporation and she proudly took part in the ceremony to reveal the 2015 NCAA Final Four logo.  Her work to continue the amazing momentum of Indianapolis has built through a Super Bowl, six Final Fours, Big Ten Football Championships, and Big Ten Basketball Tourneys is an embodiment of what makes Indy a destination events fight for.  People love coming to Indianapolis, and we’ll talk to her about the reasons why.

Rick Venturi will educate us as he does throughout the season about life in the NFL.  We’ll get a preview of the Colts. vs. Texans game, talk about the health issues for NFL coaches, and also get his opinion on the quarterback controversy in Chicago.  Venturi has known Bears coach Marc Trestman for a long time, and will have some great insight on the move to bring Cutler back as the starter despite McNown’s superior numbers during his five starts.

This show almost has to be our best ever just by virtue of the guests.  The rest is up to us.

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