Indiana Pacers – Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz and coaching great Rick Venturi talk about decision to sign Lance Stephenson

by Kent Sterling

BOBRick VenturiThe insights of both Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz and former NFL defensive guru Rick Venturi are well-informed and processed through great deliberation, and they disagree completely about whether the Indiana Pacers should retain mercurial guard Lance Stephenson.

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In athletics, there has always been a great debate about whether championship teams are built through chemistry or talent, and this is at the core of where Bob and Rick diverge in their opinions about Stephenson’s role on the Pacers.

Pacers fans and those who are able to consume sports perspective are very lucky to have access to such wisdom.  For those who haven’t yet formed an opinion about Stephenson’s future, listening to both Bob and Rick will serve as an excellent primer.

5 thoughts on “Indiana Pacers – Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz and coaching great Rick Venturi talk about decision to sign Lance Stephenson

  1. Scott moody

    Kravitz’s thoughts change more often than an Obama supporter changes who they’re blaming for the latest crisis. Lance is no Artest, he’s immature and playful but hasn’t been in any altercations. Sign Lance.

  2. Dave Leszcynski

    Can’t believe I would agree with Kravitz over The Coach or Kent Sterling very often, but Stephenson might be a brawl waiting to happen. Dont think risk outweighs reward. Dont think Artest was a bad guy. I remember seeing Artest at local high school games. Thought that was pretty cool. Rather unassuming. A trait not many in the NBA have. Pacers have a bunch of guys that are hard to like and get behind. A freking Clow Act as Kravitz said the other day. Dont think Lance is a bad guy. Clueless maybe? His interviews as are odd as is his behavior. As was said they are what they are. Lerry Bird seemed to wield no control over Lance. Artest and Stephenson lack impulse control. Usually not a fan of Kravitz. He is inconsistent and all over the place with his views and a master of stating the obvious. Agree with him on this though. Poor Frank Vogel being given a clown act to deal with.

  3. Howard Paley

    The Indiana Pacers Basketball team are a bunch of overrated clowns with Lance Stephenson, and Roy Hibbert. The best player on the Pacers are Paul George and David West, Add Scola. Frank Vogel should not return unless he wants to be part of the Circus. Larry Bird should resign.

    1. Howard Paley

      The Indiana Pacers are a bunch of overrated clowns. That moron, Lance Stephenson should not be brought back, and Frank Vogel is the head clown. Roy Hibbert is the head clown. All of them should quit.

      1. kentsterling Post author

        According to you, Howard, the Pacers has a power struggle that will be difficult to overcome. More than one head clown will cause a power struggle difficult to overcome. Only one clown can drive the tiny car.

        Those clowns won more games than any team in the East, and continued to play after 26 other teams wrapped their seasons.


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