Game Seven edition of “Ahead of the Curve” today at 11a on 1070 the Fan

by Kent Sterling

hagan_sterling_235A day like today has not happened in the blossoming sports history of Indianapolis.  There has never been an NBA Game Seven played here, so it’s a special day for Fox 59’s Chris Hagan and me.

But there is a hell of a lot more than that going on – the NFL Draft, Donald Sterling revealing himself as a racist, and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston pushing the envelope of acceptable behavior at Florida State.

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We’ll spend most of the time between 11a-1p talking about whether the Pacers will show up for a second consecutive game for the first time since February 7th against a playoff team.  The Pacers practice seemed to be focused, and the players left with more bounce than we’ve seen in a long time.  Whether that translates to the game, we’ll have to wait and see.

Chris Copeland will join us at 11:45a to share his insights on Game Seven, what he thinks fans need to know about the Pacers, and how he became such a dynamic shooter.

The NFL Draft is five days away, and although the Colts are currently set to select 59th, and only have five picks, general manager Ryan Grigson’s performance will be instrumental in continuing to build a roster that can contend for a championship.

Coach Rick Venturi will break the draft down as he sees it at Noon.  The weaknesses that can be addressed through the draft for the Colts, and who might be available when the Colts select throughout the second and third day.

The Colts won’t be the only team we discuss as whether the Texans will select Jadeveon Clowney or swap spots in this very deep draft.  The Rams hold the #2 and #13 selections, and as we have seen over the first two drafts managed by GM Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher, they are not exactly trade averse.

Race in sports has been a hot button topic since the idiotic rant from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and there are few voices in media more articulate about race than former St. Louis Rams All-Pro defensive tackle D’Marco Farr.  D’Marco will join us at 11:15a to tell those who may not witness racism in their lives just what it’s like to hear Sterling’s words.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was cited for stealing $32 worth of crab legs in Tallahasee Tuesday night, and former Indiana Basketball player Mark Robinson is a Bay Area counselor for collegiate and professional athletes like Winston who come to college feeling entitled surrounded by those who enable them.

What can be done to help athletes to whom no one denies a request learn that what knee ligaments snap, muscles weaken, or concussions mount that hearing “No!” becomes a major part of life?  Mark will tell us at 12:30p.

Add Frank Vogel and a whole bunch of Fox 59’s Chris Hagan, and who can believe that show will fit into two hours?

Can’t wait for 11a!

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