NFL Draft – Coach Rick Venturi talks Colts and Rams Draft options

by Kent Sterling

It's always a treat to listen to Rick Venturi talk football.

It’s always a treat to listen to Rick Venturi talk football.

From longtime NFL coach Rick Venturi you get unique and informed insight.  The NFL Draft is five days away, and understanding how the needs of the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams might dovetail with the best players available meant a quick call to Rick.

With all the claptrap being spouted this week about mock drafts, and so-called experts yammering breathlessly about who will fall to the Buffalo Bills at #9 or the out of the first round entirely, the real deal is normally hard to find.

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Lucky for us, Rick lives in Indianapolis and continues to evaluate players as though he was still responsible to a team for perspective.

For the Colts, everyone knows the needs – safety, interior offensive linemen, and maybe another wide receiver in what Rick believes is an outstanding draft for receivers.

The Rams are a young team with the #2 and #13 picks, and have shown an aggressive attitude in dealing first round picks under GM Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher.  What they will do provides the real intrigue in the first round.

Who might fit those holes when the Colts draft #58 and #90 is not stuff left to men who haven’t been in a war room.

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