Indiana Football – Cheat Sheet for Cheering During the IU vs. Indiana State Game

by Kent Sterling

If IU AD and football coach Kevin Wilson, all these people will have good reason to take their party into Memorial Stadium.

If IU AD and football coach Kevin Wilson, all these people will have good reason to take their party into Memorial Stadium.

If I recall correctly from my extended stay as a student on Bloomington Campus of Indiana University, the powers that be do not condone cheating.  The only class in which I took such liberties was Geology, and that was only because it was a rite of passage at the time.

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For those who will attend the Indiana vs. Indiana State fracas on Thursday, you will likely require the use of a cheat sheet to behave with the uniform enthusiasm for which the athletic department is striving.  There will also be some video help, and because there is no way to fail as a football fan, cheating is encouraged.

Because we aim to meet the market demand for such items at, please feel free to clip and save this invaluable primer:

  • Yell “Hoosiers” when the ball is kicked off
  • When the Hoosiers earn a first down, yell “First Down Hoosiers”, and point in the direction they are moving.
  • The Hoosiers score a touchdown, fans march in place.
  • On defensive third downs, band plays “Jaws” theme, and does chomp clap.
  • Defensive stops are now called “tap-outs.”  When the Hoosiers earn a tap-out, fans make an X with their forearms.
  • Be loud in any way when the opponent is running offense in their red-zone.

There are also some statistical thresholds that will earn discounts:

  • If the Hoosiers score 50+ points, discounts at both Kilroy’s (both Bloomington locations) and Papa John’s
  • 8 or more tap-outs, discount at Kilroy’s
  • If both – free hotdog at next home football game

A couple of more items to look forward to:

  • There will be fireworks – exceptionally loud fireworks – during the National Anthem that will be alert tailgaters that there are approximately 15 minutes to get to your seats.
  • More stats, scores, and replays on the Jumbotron.
  • New helmet giveaways
  • Fireworks before the second half kick to alert fans when the game is ready to re-start.

Not too complicated, but a little different, and more fun.  Memorial Stadium has never been a den of iniquity for opponents, and hopefully these efforts will help facilitate making it an inhospitable destination for opponents much as many other stadia are.

Getting off to a good start Thursday night and throughout the rest of the first five games – all of which are at home would help build enthusiasm in ways these devices can’t.  The goal is to fill the place for games other than Ohio State’s visit, and making the game experience more fun is a great start.

The key will be what happens between the lines.

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