CBS News Bob Schieffer Misidentifies Sully Sullenberger as “Sex Safety Contributor”

by Kent Sterling

UnknownLive TV is a fickle mistress.  ESPN’s Digger Phelps misidentified Stephen F. Austin University as “Stephen A. Austin” and then “Stephen F. Foster”.  Weird things sometimes happen, and mistakes are made.

In introducing CBS aviation expert Sully Sullenberger – the guy who is making a ton of cash based because he was able to safely land a passenger jet on the Hudson River a few years back – on CBS News Face the Nation, the great Bob Schieffer attached an extra credential.

The point of sharing isn’t to play gotcha or embarrass Schieffer, who has been an incredible force for good in journalism forever, but to get a nice laugh on a sunday morning out of an honest and funny mistake.

Schieffer’s gaffe shows it can happen to anyone, and the mention of the mostly useless Phelps is in no way meant to draw a comparison between him and Schieffer.  That would be like comparing a rusted out 1957 Ford Edsel with cherry 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster.  Schieffer is timeless and all class.

Just click on the link below to watch.


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