Archie Miller says daily talks continue to resume the IU vs. UK series

Archie Miller gave IU fans from Evansville exactly what they wanted last night. Can his team do it this November thru March?

Archie Miller doesn’t do a lot of press.  Some coaches are very receptive to the idea of chatting with media people about life and basketball.  Archie is not among them, and that’s just fine.

I have no problem with coaches – whose time is at a premium because of workouts, meetings, compliance, recruiting, and other responsibilities – deciding that media is the kind of time management termite they can live without.

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It makes Archie’s media availabilities all the more valuable, and when he took some media questions during a trip to Evansville for a speaking engagement, we listened.

He said a few things he said that were of note:

  • Mike Roberts was hired because he does virtually everything at the highest possible level.  He’s a proven recruiter, developer of talent, and is a tremendous competitor.  All good.  Roberts is also an IU alum, which is a good thing.  Let’s hope that assessment is accurate.
  • Jerome Hunter is as healthy physically and psychologically as he can be.  Whether that means Hunter will play for the Hoosiers in 2019-2020 remains to be seen, but he is a full participant in workouts.  His status is the most pressing question among IU fans because his absence was seen as one of the reasons for the Hoosiers struggles last season.
  • Archie LOVES Evansville!  He said, “This is one of my favorite cities in the state.  I come here as often as I can!”  It sounds funny because even people Evansville tend to be indifferent about their own hometown.  Archie’s effusive praise for the city was a reflection his affection for highly sought recruit Kristian Landers, a 6’1″ point guard ranked #16 in the 2021 class by 247sports.
  • Indiana and Kentucky are talking daily about resuming the basketball series that ended after Christian Watford sent IU fans into delirium at Assembly Hall almost eight years ago.  Kentucky coach John Calipari didn’t appreciate the loss or the chaos, so the plug was pulled on the annual home and home battle.  IU AD Fred Glass correctly insists the games be played on campus, while Calipari wants neutral courts because playing games where students can attend is of no importance to him.

In late August, we tend to get nothing but good news, so none of Archie’s comments were surprising, but it’s good that he continues to talk to fans across the state and recruit the hell out of Indiana because if you’re going to beat Kentucky – and everyone else – it’s a hell of a lot more fun and likely with native Hoosiers.

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