Good luck to Dawson Garcia decides to play and study at Marquette instead of Indiana

I hope Dawson Garcia gets all he wants at Marquette – except the two times each year he goes up against Butler.

Dawson Garcia is tall and talented, and he’s pledged Marquette as his college choice.

Marquette was chosen by Garcia over Indiana, Memphis, and his native Minnesota.

That’s life.

Indiana fans want to know how this will impact the Hoosiers.  There are several ways:

  • Garcia would have taken IU’s final scholarship for the class of 2020, and this decision allows Archie Miller the flexibility that comes with an extra ride.  The Hoosiers can be aggressive with a recruit that remains unsigned or wait for a grad transfer who might come to Bloomington ready to help next year.
  • No doubt Garcia would have been a good get ready to pay dividends for at least a couple of years.  Despite being a top 25 recruit in his class, he is not projected as a one-and-done candidate.  Given IU’s experience with Romeo Langford, Miller might decide to avoid players who project as short-timers.
  • If it turns out Garcia is an all conference player, at least it won’t be in the Big 10.
  • As much as Miller might have hoped for Garcia to sign with Indiana, his thirst for the talented big pales in comparison to that of Richard Pitino, the coach at Minnesota.  Miller wants to lock down Indiana’s best recruits, but there are 10 Division One basketball programs he competes with.  It’s understandable that he swings and misses now and then.  Minnesota has one lonely D-1 program, so tt’s an imperative that Pitino keeps the best the state produces if he wants to keep his job.
  • Garcia showed prudence in drawing a line through Memphis, a program that has already drawn the ire of the NCAA under coach Penny Hardaway.  I know potential NCAA issues don’t mean a hell of a lot to most recruits, but why walk into a mess – especially if you aren’t a one-and-done who can demand can payments for which the program can be penalized.  That doesn’t have squat to do with the Hoosiers, but it might show kids are wary of Penny’s perceived penchant for throwing cash around.

Indiana is going to be just fine without Garcia, and his choice of Marquette might even benefit them in the end.

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That’s life in college hoops – what makes fans feel like crap one day can cause joy the next.


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