Bucket Game canceled – Hoosiers finish regular season 6-1

If you are jonesing for a Bucket Game, I’m afraid this is all that will be available Friday night!

It figures.

The re-scheduled Old Oaken Bucket game between Indiana and Purdue has been canceled.  That’s par for the course during a 2020 when everything in our lives has been tentative due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

The Hoosiers finish this most irregular season with a 6-1 record and a #7 national ranking – the highest in more than a half century.  Which bowl they will wind up being scheduled to play in is anyone’s guess, but prevailing logic points to the Fiesta Bowl.  The bigger question is whether the Fiesta Bowl and others will be able to be played as scheduled.

It’s been a longstanding dream for tens of thousands of Indiana alums and fans to be able to gather at the site of one of the New Years Day bowls to celebrate the football program’s success.  Even when Indiana has been good, they have fallen short of that goal.  Irony of ironies – as the Hoosiers succeed, their fans will likely be unable to attend.

With vaccine being deployed, we hope the worst is over and our lives are able to return to normal soon.  Clearly, we are a few weeks or months from anything resembling normal.  That Indiana Football is strangely good while the world is strangely unable to enjoy it might be the most logical thing we experience in 2020.

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