Indiana Basketball – Dane Fife hired! Joining Woodson’s staff!

Dane Fife is coming back to Bloomington, and it’s about time!

Dane Fife is coming back to his alma mater.

Indiana is hiring Fife as a member of Mike Woodson’s staff, and it is a very positive sign for the Hoosiers.

Fife has worked at Michigan State for the last eight seasons, and is best remembered by Hoosiers fans as a leader on its last run to the Final Four in 2002.

Woodson said of Fife, “Dane is someone who I have always had the utmost respect for.  His knowledge of the Big Ten and his success as a recruiter will be an invaluable asset as we look to continue building a staff that will help elevate this program to the highest levels.  I know his love for the for the Hoosiers and this University comes across the moment you talk to him and we are excited to welcome back Dane, his wife Blair, and daughters Quinnly and Reagan back to Bloomington.”

There are many ways a program can make strides toward being competitive in the Big 10 – recruiting superior players is one very good way.  Building a great staff is another.  Fife will be a part of the latter.

One thought on “Indiana Basketball – Dane Fife hired! Joining Woodson’s staff!

  1. Tj

    Huge get ! ! ! Woodson wasn’t kidding when he said he wants to win now . Lander just commited to come back. Mr Geronimo ,Mr Franklin and Mr Thompson need to complete getting the band back together
    GO HOOSIERS ! ! !


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