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Aldon Smith arrested for breaking cardinal rule of airport behavior
April 14, 2014

by Kent Sterling Talent and fame extract idiots from trouble all the time, but there are behaviors allowable by being Alden Smith of the San Francisco 49ers are meaningless. There is a saying, “That’s as dumb as yelling bomb in an airport.”  Smith put that to the test yesterday as he literally did exactly that […]

49ers ILB Aldon Smith Getting Help, and That’s a Good Thing
September 23, 2013

by Kent Sterling Of course, there was a problem.  Aldon Smith has been arrested twice for DUI in the last two years, is being sued by a party guest who was shot at his house, and has never shown the same ability to police his own activities as well as he gets after the opposing […]

Indianapolis Colts Defy Experts and Flat Out Dominate San Francisco 49ers 27-7
September 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling I’ve never had a hangover last three days.  Maybe 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith doesn’t process alcohol as quickly as most soon-to-be 23 year-olds. The Colts coaching staff and front office has been making noise about becoming a power running team, and fans kind of scoffed at the thought.  Who in their right […]