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Big 10, ACC, Pac-12 alliance dooms the terminally ill Big 12
August 25, 2021

The alliance between the Big 10, ACC, and Pac-12 means the Power Five just became the Power Four. As a person who has sat in meetings among administrators and bureaucrats in a variety of field – media, sports, and health care among them – I am in a rare position to translate nonsensical gobbledegook into what […]

Big 12 exclusion from College Football Playoff is University of Texas’ fault
December 8, 2014

by Kent Sterling What was former Big 12 Commissioner Don Beebe supposed to do, let the Big 12 unravel after Texas decided to shift to the Big Ten or Pac-12? Beebe played the only card available to him, which was to allow each member school to form its own network.  This wasn’t the best solution […]

Conference Commissioners Call for Immediate Change at the NCAA – and Delany Is Next
July 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling The dancing around doing what’s right, and consistent laying of blame elsewhere rather than leading the charge to a logical resolution of the inequities that fill the college football and men’s college basketball landscape has gone on long enough. After listening to ACC Commission John Swofford today and SEC Commission Mike Slive […]