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Bob Knight’s return to Assembly Hall may have very little to do with him
February 5, 2020

So, I wrote yesterday about how I am no longer invested in former Indiana coach Bob Knight returning to Assembly Hall, and how being jerked around by Knight has grown tiresome.  The phone started ringing as soon as I published the post. On the other end of the phone for the rest of the morning […]

Whether Bob Knight comes back to Assembly Hall or not means nothing anymore
February 4, 2020

Rumors are circulating again that Bob Knight will be back at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. This time, I don’t care. Indiana fans have been down this road before.  Knight’s steadfast refusals to come back to the building where he coached for 29 years softened a little over the last 12 months, so people got excited about […]

Indiana Basketball – Bob Knight wishes IU bosses dead
March 10, 2017

My Dad was a guy who liked to say outrageous things, and then when people became upset he never understood, “Why are they worried what I have to say?” I would think, “Words have power.”  I wouldn’t say it because you didn’t poke the bear. Amusing himself and the people who shared his unique wavelength […]