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Indy’s Morning Sports List – 7 reasons why I write and talk about sports every day
November 19, 2015

Talking and writing about sports is a bizarre way to earn a living, but they provide a strange set of wonderful validations – not necessarily from listeners and readers – but from the feeling of accomplishment in finishing a day where fun was had and unique information was shared. I host a daily three-hour radio show on […]

Indy Morning Sports List – Top 9 things wrong with sports radio
November 12, 2015

Things that are wrong with sports radio are also wrong with the rest of media, so this headline is way too specific. People in media sadly aren’t the sharpest tacks in the drawer, so we tend to not see life as a collaborative and fun exploit filled with adventure and productive endeavors. Because we in radio […]

Today at 3p on CBS Sports 1430AM Indianapolis, the first Kent Sterling Show
June 23, 2014

by Kent Sterling One person talks, and another listens.  One person reveals, and another evaluates.  One person says something funny, and another laughs.  One person shares perspective, and another thinks.  That’s radio. It’s not quite that simple.  If you are like me, I talk back when I listen to the radio.  I look crazy as […]