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Indiana going bowling after third straight Bucket game win; Kevin Wilson will return
November 28, 2015

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass hasn’t said that football coach Kevin Wilson will return for a sixth season, but after securing bowl eligibility in West Lafayette this afternoon, it’s a certainty. At the time I am writing this, no firm invitation has been issued by a bowl to Indiana, but that is a certainty as […]

Are constant headaches and uncertainty for a coach worth the money or effort
October 29, 2015

by Kent Sterling I look at the mood swings of Chuck Pagano, the uncertainty surrounding Rick Pitino, and the constant din of criticism for Tom Crean, and I wonder whether being a coach is worth the money or sacrifice. It’s a tough life, even for a secure coach with a pristine record of winning and compliance. […]

Chuck Pagano and Kevin Wilson may be fired, but their legacy will be strong
October 27, 2015

by Kent Sterling No one wants to get fired.  There is an unpleasant stigma to getting the ax, and the phone calls to share the news with family are humbling, unpleasant, and easily the worst part. Getting fired happens to coaches.  It happens all the time, and to almost every coach who aspires to lead young […]