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Top 10 takeaways from Larry Bird’s announcement Frank Vogel will be replaced
May 5, 2016

Frank Vogel will not be the coach of the Indiana Pacers moving forward.  He hasn’t been fired because Vogel’s contract expired at the end of the playoff series with the Toronto Raptors. The debate that began in earnest as Pacers president Larry Bird shared his thoughts on Vogel with the Indianapolis Star’s Gregg Doyel will now […]

Top 10 reasons to hang on to Frank Vogel as Indiana Pacers coach
May 2, 2016

Last night, the Indiana Pacers season came to an end, and with it the curtain may be ready to fall on the longest coaching stint in franchise history. Frank Vogel has been the coach of the Indiana Pacers more than 100 games longer than anyone in the team’s NBA history, and he has the second best […]

Indiana Pacers – Win or lose tonight, Frank Vogel should keep his job
May 1, 2014

by Kent Sterling Did Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel suffer a massive head injury while I wasn’t looking?  Did he get dumb all of a sudden?  Were his biorhythms in perfect sync for the first three years as the Pacers coach, and then spin totally out of kilter? Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird […]