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Top 10 reasons Tim Duncan is one of the best five players/people in NBA History
July 12, 2016

Tim Duncan played four seasons at Wake Forest before joining the San Antonio Spurs as the #1 overall draft pick in the 1997 NBA Draft, so he has never called Indiana home, but he is an Indiana type of basketball player. The eulogies for Duncan’s career came and went quickly yesterday after he announced his […]

Top seven quick fixes for what is broken in the NBA
July 6, 2016

  I’m here to help.  That’s what I do. Solving problems requires two steps, identifying them and correcting those rules or systems that are their cause. The NBA is not broken.  Its robust revenue generation is causing the salary cap to explode over the next two seasons.  That success is so profound it is providing […]

Top 10 potential new Indiana Pacers who could push team to NBA Championship
June 15, 2016

This is an offseason where the Pacers will show their hand as a team that believes it can contend in the East, or one committed to building a roster that might a championship in three years. Pacers president Larry Bird appears to believe that now is the time, or why would he replace the longest tenured coach […]

2013-2014 NBA Position Rankings – Top 10 Wings
August 8, 2013

by Ryan Sterling With the point guard position taken care of it is time to move on to wing position.  I believe basketball has evolved to the point where the shooting guard and the small forward positions are interchangeable.  If you are a shooting guard who cannot play small forward or visa versa you are […]