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Indianapolis Colts – Pregame Tribute to Manning Should Never Have Been Planned
October 17, 2013

by Kent Sterling The horse last left the barn, and there is no way to unring this bell, but the Indianapolis Colts should never have given serious thought to providing Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning with a video tribute, or any other measure of honor prior to Sunday night’s game at Lucas Oil Stadium. After […]

Indianapolis Colts Owner Tweets Non-Dynamic Pricing Strategy for Colts Tickets
August 14, 2013

by Kent Sterling Ahh, Twitter.  What would we write about in August without Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay explaining the inner workings of his team – from the dressing down his “commanders” received following the 24-point loss to the Buffalo Bills, and today’s effort to justify the pricing strategy for tickets, parking, and concessions. Click […]

College Football Playoff – Indianapolis Should Get 2016 Championship Game
April 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling My favorite part of the new College Football Playoff is that the official name for it is the College Football Playoff.  No one got all Jim Delany clever, as the Big Ten commissioner did with the soon-to-be-abandoned names of its two divisions – Leaders and Legends.  Just say what it is, and […]