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Indiana Basketball – How does Tom Crean measure up in Big 10 & among past IU coaches?
February 28, 2017

Is Indiana’s mediocrity this season because of injuries or incompetence? Is it an inability to recruit Indiana high school stars or an inability of current players to invest in the process? Is it Tom Crean as a coach, Tom Crean as a recruiter, or a series of unpleasant and unlucky circumstances? All good questions that can be […]

NCAA Tournament – Surprises Will Abound, But Where and When?
March 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling I love the beginning of NCAA tournaments because hope lies everywhere.  Each of the 64 teams that begin play tomorrow in the real first round of the Big Dance have hope that they will emerge from the rubble with a win to gain entry into the 32-team event that starts this weekend. […]

Indiana Basketball – Tom Crean Talks About Leadership and the NCAA
July 28, 2013

by Kent Sterling Indiana Basketball coach Tom Crean is an interesting guy.  Regardless of whether you like, love, or loathe him, he’s a lightning rod in Indiana sports who is impossible to ignore.  Heading into his sixth year, the challenges of being the head coach at IU will evolve toward a new level of pressure. […]