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Indiana Pacers revert back to form in wasted Game Three; fall 98-85 to Atlanta
April 24, 2014

by Kent Sterling This up one game, down the next stuff is getting monotonous.  The Indiana Pacers did a lot of good things – only 13 turnovers, allowed only four offensive boards, had five more steals than Atlanta, and made four more field goals.  Sadly, none of that matters a damn when outscored by 14 […]

Indiana Pacers – Why the Pacers will wake up and come out fighting tonight
April 22, 2014

by Kent Sterling It seems like a lifetime ago that the Indiana Pacers were NBA media darlings rolling to 16-1, 33-7, and 46-13 records.  Paul George on Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen A. Smith talking to the starting five plus Frank Vogel, and magazine covers extolling the team-first lovefest gave the Pacers the kind of adulation that […]