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College Athletics – Change Will Either Occur Because of Mark Emmert and NCAA or to NCAA
April 7, 2014

by Kent Sterling Bureaucrats affect change slowly, and when the window of participation in college athletics is a maximum of five years, “student-athletes” have chosen to grin and bear the inadequacies and lack of fairness they perceive. After all a scholarship covering the costs of tuition and room and board isn’t nothing, and making waves […]

NLRB Ruling that Northwestern Football Players Can Unionize Is Not a Big Deal – Yet
March 27, 2014

by Kent Sterling The knee-jerk reaction to the ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that Northwestern’s football players may vote to join a union that will have the authority to collectively bargain with the university for benefits is that it paves the way for all college athletes to be classified as employees. Not so […]

Northwestern Football Moves Toward Unionization – Is Pay for Play Next?
January 29, 2014

by Kent Sterling The debate is simple.  College athletes should either be paid to their value, or they should be happy with the educational opportunity they already receive as a scholarship athlete.  The tough part of deciding which side you support is understanding the consequences of changing the financial structure of college athletics. Northwestern quarterback […]

NCAA Football and College Basketball – Why Not Pay Players to Their Value?
September 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Why is it inherently bad to pay college athletes commensurate to their value?  Other than it never being done – at least not above the table – is there any justification for not allowing basic economics to operate unfettered for athletes whose work makes a lot of money for everyone associated with […]